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태백고랭지절임배추 / 절임배추로 김장하기 11월말 즈음 되면 마음 항상 바빠요. 김장을 해야 하기 때문이죠. 결혼해서 친정엄마가 해주시는 김장김치 얻어만 먹다가 작년에 처음 김장을 해봤어요. 배추 절이고 씻고 하는 과정이 정말 장난 아니더군요. 새삼 아무 생각 없이 얻어만 먹던 김치가 얼마나 소중한지 알게 되었지요. 올해는 생협에서 절임배추 사서 김장을 담아볼까 고심하다 절임배추 체험단에 덜컥 당첨이 되었네요..

Julie Christie, winner of the Best Actress Oscar (Darling, 1965). She has won the Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA & Screen Actors Guild Awards. She also starred in Doctor Zhivago, 1965.

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100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

I deserve better. You said so yourself. I didn't believe it before. I couldn't. But now I can see clearly just how correct you were.

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Thin Mint Lära Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Raw)

Thin Mint Lära Bars {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan #raw

Lara Parker's (Angelique) touching letter about the passing of Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins).Thursday, 19 April 2012 I am so saddened to hear of the death of my good friend and fellow actor on Dark Shadows, Jonathan Frid. He was a warm-hearted and compassionate man with a lovely sense of humor, and he was a staggeringly charismatic actor, who is personally responsible for the lasting success of the Dark Shadows TV show in so many ways...

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Jenny Han Reveals Why She Wrote 'Always And Forever, Lara Jean' in Secret

#CoverReveal Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #3) by Jenny Han