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from Houston Chronicle

Houston's rare clouded leopard cubs can't get any cuter

Clouded Leopard cubs show 'mad skills' at Houston Zoo!

This Rayth he is part of the Longhorns clan he is sarcastic and can be hostile to others he is protective of any of his friends and his clan specializes in agility and speed he likes Onyxstar

CLOUDED LEOPARD..... also called the tree tiger and the mint leopard because its spots look like mint leaves......found in dense tropical and subtropical rainforests....found only in the Southeast Asia.....26 to 41 inches long with 10 to 16 inches tail.....males weighs 44 to 55 pounds.....males are twice the size of females.....can have 2 inches long canines.....extremely good climbers & swimmers

Clouded Leopard. This species can be found in countries of the Himalayas, southern China, and Taiwan to peninsula Malaysia.