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In July 1812, a Royal Navy squadron upon sighting the lone USS Constitution, gave chase. Broke's squadron consisted of the 64-gun HMS Africa and the frigates Shannon, Aeolus, Belvidera. The wind died away, leaving all vessels wallowing in the sea. Constitution deployed towboats and jettisoned cargo to lighten the ship, while Broke gave chase, ordering boats to pull Shannon. As the day wore on, Constitution slowly pulled away. The Constitution's Flight, is by USCG officer Anton Fischer

Octopus 8.5 x 11 print of detailed watercolour artwork from psychedelic sea dreams and teal turquoise marine oceans beach house cottage home

Octopus 8.5 x 11 print of hand painted detailed watercolour artwork from psychedelic sea dreams and teal turquoise oceans

November 26, 1703: The Great Storm of 1703. It was the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, with wind gusts of up to 120 mph. At least 9,000 people are thought to have died. London suffered the loss of 2,000 massive chimneys, the lead roof to Westminster Abbey, and much more damage. The Royal Navy lost 13 ships, including the HMS Resolution, shown above.

The Action Between HMS Shannon and the USS Chesapeake, 1st June 1813" by Montague Dawson. The British ship would be victorious. Captain Broke boarded Chesapeake at the head of a party of 20 men. They met little resistance from Chesapeake '​s crew, most of whom had run below deck. The only resistance from Chesapeake came from her contingent of marines. The British soon overwhelmed them; only nine escaped injury out of 44.

29 December 1812 - USS Constitution and MHS Java - HMS Java was a British Royal Navy 38-gun fifth-rate frigate. She is most famous for her defeat in a three-hour single-ship action against the USS Constitution. The Java had a crew of about 277 but during her engagement with Constitution her complement was 475.