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zrcadlo Poly Gothic Dragon

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Polyjuice Potion Punch (Non-alcoholic)

The perfect recipe for your next Harry Potter Party! A kid-friendly polyjuice potion punch!

I want to be able to say I've walked through this door. I'm not even sure where it's located though... #Sad :/

basicalgebra: Oh housing Gods, please help me find a place for my friends and I to live next year. I refuse to live in the dorms again. And please make it cute, cheap, and close to downtown. Thanks.

A certain character's residence (though she won't be using it much) in A Reluctant Assassin #ARA2015 #ReluctantAssassin #SteamTheme

Emo Clothes And Its For Normal Crazy Girls Who Love Music And Who Love To Be Perfect At Night

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Random Inspiration 178

There was a beautiful Victorian home on my old street that was painted matte black...glorious in daylight, but very spooky to walk by at night. It almost became a void on the street when the sun set x_x

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Locket Watch - gonzo steampunk creation by pinkabsinthe on Etsy

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Victorian Hooded Jacket by Amber Middaugh Standard Size $69.95 Plus Size $79.95