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A piece of gold with the words Nano Meta written on it in colours. Coloured gold jewellery could be a reality

Absolutely breathtaking ring adorned with gorgeous rubelllite of flamboyant colour, sapphires and diamonds

Multi-coloured tourmaline #coloreveryday

Spinthread Etsy Embroidery Color Colour Colorful Colourful Bright Craft Handmade Jewellery Jewelry geometric bright kaleidoscope fashion style design inspiration wolf and willow blog pretty shop love necklace cuff earrings


Best of British jewellery design 2015

Polly Wales coloured gemstone rings

Self Coloured Jewellery Packaging

Self Coloured Jewellery Packaging

Jahyun Rita Baek, "Truly inspired by material itself, geometric units and flexible elements are systematically arranged into jewellery that captures light and movement. I reveal the hidden characteristics of both traditional and non-traditional materials by working at my bench. My inspiration is to create expressive pieces that not only excite the senses, but are ulimately wearable." See also


The Canadian diamond mine putting ethics on the map

[IMAGE 3, BRACELET} An unusual suite of coloured diamond and coloured sapphire 'Craquele' jewellery, by Andre Marcha. Comprising a hinged bangle, ear clips and a ring.