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STRZYGA Female demon in Slavic folklore possessing two souls in a single body, identifiable by double hearts and sets of teeth. One soul passes on, the second remains with the body; it hunts at night as an owl, attacking travelers and those who wander into the woods, consuming their prey’s blood and internal organs. Decapitate the corpse and bury its head separate to prevent the strzyga from returning to life; burying the body face down with a sickle around its head was said to work as…

Archaeologists have also uncovered statues of female goddesses draped in honey laden tiaras, buried amongst other Mycenaean tomb artifacts. The finds are nearly identical to 10,000 year old statues discovered in Turkey that represent the mother goddess ‘streaming with honey’.

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Beithir- Scottish myth: a large snake creature that appears during lightning storms in summer. They are the result of a snake that was decapitated but was then left that way. The head and body reunited and it became a beithir.

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