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What happens if Scott takes the suit off when he is small? What about when he is big?

Clint hadn't met the Hulk before this and didn't know they were even bringing in the Hulk

"How are we meant to save it if we aren't allowed to do what it takes/is needed?"

It kind of irritates me that people find Sebastian Stan sexy and the 'hot stuff', etc. But when I said "Hey! People! Look how hot the mad hatter is nobody gave a damn... What about now bitches LMAO

Bucky <-- I did think about this upon rewatching the movie, but all of the soldiers have a shit ton of gear on, so while they probably didn't exactly walk away, i don't think bucky used unnecessary force either

Bucky with a giant Captain America tsum-tsum ^^^ i love this artist on tumblr. Their art is so cute.

Bucky crying after seeing the video of him killing Tony's parents

Imagine if he came to form an army and we all just came without orders, if he didn't know about his fan base it would be priceless