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Colby is my OC for the Chucky franchise. He is Chucky's oldest child, and he is very dark and disturbed. Colby is 18 years old, and a born killer. He dreams of following in his father's footsteps. He tends to keep to himself, and when he's not killing, he's drawing and listening to rock music.

this kinda looks like clockwork when she was little......the plot twist!!!!!!!

Gouls; a shape-shifting demon who resides in unhibited places such as deserts or graveyards. They often take the form of a woman to hunt for unwary humans, who they would then kill and eat. Ghouls are said to be the offspring of Ilblis, the Islamic counterpart of the Devil.

"you'll never guess her secret" deamon said, as acid glared at him. thier commander had arranged an exchange of information. deamon would find out how mar was, since she was guarded, and they would find out why mar had attempted to kill herself

In the midst of my rage I am moved by compassion. He isn't even armed. I can't kill him. "You better go now, before I change my mind." - Bexley

"Yes my reasons for killing your brother were not the best motives." He pauses raising his hands to his face. " but I like the feel of blood on my hands" he smiled and then frowned. "I'm going to hell"

Ben Drowned is my ex-boyfriend<<<sure sweetie.

Garry. He looks so hot even with that photo bombing creepy doll XD