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Seattle, WA Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I know I will be greatful when we have a new place to call home. I just know its super hard in the mean time. And I know it will be even better after taking so long... but damn I wish I could help :(

Where Should I Live? 14 Factors When Deciding the Best Place to Live

from Foursquare

City of Port Angeles

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea - Port Angeles, WA. Use to call this home. I think I can see my house!

(Open rp) People say that being an assassin is just a job. I call bull. Being an assassin is a way of life. It changes you. Makes you feel numb. Makes you mistrust people. Hell, it makes you mistrust your own mind. I'd like to pretend that it's better. That being an assassin makes me elite and I spend my time with a gun in one hand and a knife in another. Truth is, it's just the simple act of murder. Skillfully done, but murder nonetheless. And I'm tired. Exhausted. That's where you find me.

from Meg Fee


So I went. But the thing is, after you do the thing you thought you’d never be able to do--after you are totally and completely honest with yourself--the world changes. You change. And your life starts to be governed by a different set of rules. Once you start to listen to the voice inside your head, it’s impossible to stop and go back to the way things were. Once you speak a truth that truly and utterly comes from the depths of your soul, nothing else will do.

Perth, Australia (To some just another city, to me it is considered the furthest point on the globe from home, Miami. 18,316mi. Bandung & Yogyakarta, Indonesia come in 2nd)

Statler City Terrace Room | Finding a Wedding Venue in Buffalo, NY | Rose Tinted Home

San Juan Mountains, Colorado (Photo: Ron Niebrugge,