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Fairy Tail couples (Jerza, Gruvia, Nalu, Gale) childs

Fairy Tail couples (Jerza, Gruvia, Nalu, Gale) childs


Fairy Tail 27 (Paperback)

THAT'S THE SPIRIT? A powerful user of magic, with a goat's head? Itd be funny if it werent trying to slaughter Fairy Tail! Loke has an idea of the wizard's true identity but while he fights to prove i

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Tokyo Ghoul, I love the manga more, but there's something about the soundtrack in the anime that just makes it so powerful...

Resultado de imagen para natsu y lucy

Oh my gosh! I love this sooo much!!! It pulls my heartstrings so hard. Oh Gajeel, I'm so glad you have Levy now. ^__^ ~Fairy Tail #GaLe


Fairy Tail Anime

How can I be happy when this week episode was sad af how could it end it was a good guild whyyyyyyy!


Fairy Tail 19 (Paperback)

KILLED BY ZERO With Erza facing off against Midnight of the Oracion Seis, it seems that Fairy Tail and the allied guilds will finally be able to defeat the final Oracion Seis member and stop Nirvana!