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Computers change. Time for something new! Coming soon from CLEARi

Figurative Language STATIONS - Common Core

Fun, motivating stations for figurative language and sound devices get students thinking deeply and creatively! You get 8 different stations with task cards and inviting student handouts for each. Students identify and analyze figurative language, and then brainstorm to apply their knowledge in imaginative ways.

Being self aware dramatically changes how we live. Understanding how we feel and why, what we are thinking, and how we are being perceived means we can facilitate better relationships privately and…

7 Ways to Get Toned While You Watch TV — From the Tone It Up Girls

7 Ways to Get Toned While You Watch TV — From the Tone It Up Girls

*copy paste copy paste* the girls next to them are the same way

5 Ways to Get More Done on Your Blog in Less Time & Effort- Many bloggers are overwhelmed and seem to think that it takes a ton of time, effort, energy, blood, sweat & tears to be a successful blogger. Nope. The hustle is a lie. Why constantly hustle in y

Mdr. In gym class they always give us really needlessly hard stuff and I measure my heart rate and copy it with a hand motion and look at our coach dead in the eye. He knows what I'm doing. He knows that my hand motion is going way faster than it should be, even for gym class. But he still tells us to run even more immediately after. I've actually had a couple serious seizures in gym class before, but do you think that stops him from giving us his bullshit? Hoho, don't be silly. He gives us…

Tea Party Community - Tea Party Hub// The Democrats are evil and sneaky. Keep praying that everything goes okay. obama and the Democrats are trying to find ways to stop the inauguration.

I like him both ways, blonde or brunette don't matter to me cause he's still the same person on the inside

Who does she think she is?