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GMO's Think About It! INSECTS Die & You Think It's Harmless??? - Why Do We Get The POISON?!! All The Other Country's Have Labels &/Or Have Removed It Completely But NOT FOR THE USA?? .. "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO IN THE USA=NO LABELS!!... MAKE YOUR FAMILY STERILE IN 3 GENERATIONS! EAT GMO FOODS!!!

Learn about cholesterol and why you need it, the dangers of taking a cholesterol drug, and ways to safely lower unnaturally high cholesterol.

Andre Leu, author of the book "The Myths of Safe Pesticides," explains that toxic pesticides are everywhere but only a few are tested for safety.

So what happened when we yelled “Andy’s Coming?” – - – - – Nothing, Disney has changed its policy and will not allow it. They say it is too dangerous. Watch the video below to see our test and the interview with the cast member about this myth.

Insulin May Actually Accelerate Death, and Other Ignored Facts.....

What Dragon Are You?

Though you are rough around the edges and tough, you are sensitive inside. When you get mad or upset you put that emotion into anger. When a loved ones feelings have been hurt, you find the person creating the problem and warn them not to do it again or there will be consequences. You are very protective and aren't afraid to deal with danger. Be proud of your dragon! You are the toughest of dragons!