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Many millions of years after the planet earth was totally destroyed by human beings a new species has evolved underground and now dominates the planet. This is the story of human evolution and one scenario of how the future could be and how the new species of creatures would adapt and dominate all around them. But are they alone on the planet and are they really in control?

Vernon looks so good in glasses

Sade- Diamond Life [1984]...This enchanting chanteuse introduced herself with Smooth Operator and it turned me out from day one!

SEVENTEEN-[MV]BOOM BOOM - Jun << that damn face...on my list of weaknesses on a man, facial expressions is at the top..

I have no idea why I think this is funny...but I've laughed most of the day over this one! Lmao

Prince ● the Beautiful One ●

Jeonghan and Wonwoo ❤