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50 years ago this month Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon traveled to the US with the American Red Cross as a young Korean to learn the value of service. During that trip, he and other young people met with President John F Kennedy and that was when he resolved to embark on a life of public service. This weekend he'll meet up other programme participants for their 50th reunion!

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is meeting up with friends who joined him on an American Red Cross Operation VISTA programme 50 years ago.

24 January... In 1946, the first resolution of the #UN General Assembly included the goal of eliminating #atomic weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction.

The UN joins the world in celebrating the life of Brazilian architect Oscar #Niemeyer, a key figure in the design and building of #UNHQ in #NYC. Read full story Mr. Niemeyer is shown here, second from right, in 1947 with other members of the #UNHQ design team.

Crowds outside Central Hall in London at the opening of the first session of the United Nations General Assembly on 10 January 1946.

The San Francisco Conference, 25 April - 26 June 1945: The Philippine Commonwealth Signs the United Nations Charter by United Nations Photo, via Flickr