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This is why I wish I could home school my son. As a single mother, soon to be paying back insane amounts of student loans back...I financially don't have that option. I need to work. I am not liking the idea of sending him to public school in the Fall...


\ˈī-lənd ˈbau̇nd\ adj, relating to the state of mind experienced by a person heading toward an island and characterized by surrendered tranquility and optimism captivated by the natural beauty, inherent isolation and state of mind associated with islands

go thru life delivering what you expect to receive and don't be so surprised with what comes back your way. Remember you are responsible for all that you put out in the universe. It is just answering what you have put out....


I'm a part-time writer who also loves reading (all kinds of genres), movies, music, and long discussions about meaningful topics with my friends over several glasses of wine. All the quotes on this site are marked with the author's name, except those...


You are not alone! You are not worthless! You are not unloved! For you are loves and held and created by the hands of the Almighty God that created the universe!! If dinky his words gave light to a dark earth then imagine what His hands will do for you!!!

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