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Take A Bite Hair Clip by earthcharms on Etsy (Accessories, Hair, Clip, earthcharms, socoetsy, hair clip, cupcake, brown, yellow, orange, flower, feather, turkey, daisy)

The Bell Tolls Mini Riding Hat by earthcharms on Etsy (Accessories, Hair, Clip, earthcharms, socoetsy, mini top hat, white felt, clock hands, orange, ribbon, bell, button, rhinestone, alligator clip, steampunk, rooster feathers)

Bright Bird Mini Riding Hat Fascinator Hair Clip by earthcharms (Accessories, Hair, earthcharms, socoetsy, mini hat, riding hat, hair clip, fascinator, bright green, bird, ribbon, pheasant feather, brown, rhinestone)

Girls Valentine puffy bow alligator clip by heartfeltexpressions (Accessories, Hair, Barrette, hair barrettes, barrettes, valentines day, alligator clip, hair accessories, hair clip, lined clip, clip, girls, barrette clip)

Gray Fur and Exotic Feathers with Silver Glitter by cheetahrama (Accessories, Hair, Clip, 1920s gatsby)

mini pearl bobbies bobby pin hair clip by monaco on Etsy (Accessories, Hair, Bobby Pin, beaded, white, pearl, handwired, cleveland, wholesale, romantic, elegant, handmade, bridal, accessory, pearl bobby pin, pearl hair clip)

Fabric flower bobby pin set of 3 black gray and by thepaisleymoon (Accessories, Hair, Bobby Pin, black friday etsy, fabric flower, bobby pin, hair clip, gray, black, white, burnt edge, bridesmaid, bride, hair accessory, wedding, cyber monday etsy)

Hair barrrette by northwestgoods on Etsy (Accessories, Hair, Barrette, hair toy, hair accessory, hair clip, hair clasp, scarf pin, shawl, copper, curly, stick, women, hair barrette, hair, long hair)

Brown Round Feather Facinator Headband Hair Band by shirkdesigns (Accessories, Hair, Headband, headband, hairband, hair band, bow hair band, boutique hair band, feather headband, feather facinator, fancy headband, feather hairband, elegant headband, facinator, round feather, brown feathers)

Pink Cupcake Hair Bow Bandana Head Scarf Retro by LilaJo on Etsy (Accessories, Hair, Bandana, head scarf, hair tie, hair bow, rockabilly, pinup, 1940s 1950s, vintage inspired, big bow, psychobilly, knot headband, rosie the riveter, cupcake, pink)