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Thank you Sherlock!  Or should I say hemlock!

Thank you Sherlock! Or should I say hemlock!<<<I don't get it

HAHAHAHAH XD I'm dying!!!!

Funny pictures about Minimum wage Barbie. Oh, and cool pics about Minimum wage Barbie. Also, Minimum wage Barbie photos.

The most epic thing ive read in my entire life. no seriously> Here's the T-shirt: http://www.cafepress.com/butterflytree

The most epic thing ive read in my entire life. no seriously

OK, so I'm really not a tattoo girl.but I've seen this one pop up on a couple of websites, and I just think it's beautiful. Those are his daughter's names.

Here are some funny and weird tatoos that people will regret getting...most of them, anyway (How could you EVER regret Dr. Zoidberg on your foot?!?!  I may actually end up with this one before I die...)

The zoidberg one is genius. The rest could be solved if tattooists would just come clean with their clients and say 'sorry, I can't do faces.' If you can't draw faces there's no shame in admitting it, people!

When Body Art Goes Bad

Okay, I just had to post this one for the sheer majesty and absurdity (majurdity?) of it all: Tupac Shakur as a unicorn. Let me repeat that once again: Tupac Shakur as a unicorn. Just let those words and the imagery sink in.

Worst tattoo ever!! But it sure does make me laugh.

not really sure what tattoo I want.something pirate but also patriotic.oh and Chevy! Gotta have Chevy in there, too. No, I don't need to see a design, I trust you. Just free-hand it.on my face.


The Most Horrifying Tattoo Fails on the Internet