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Fake Rock Well Head Cover Rock Shown In Canyon Brown, Cover Rock, 24 lbs., 30"L x 18"W x 35"H, Item # 2175

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 Fake Rock Well Cover

Dekorra Model 107 Fake Rock Cover - I've used these on a couple different projects hiding well heads. They look great, especially if you make a mulched area around the water well cap. Otherwise this tall skinny rock looks a bit out of place alone in the yard.

This #Dekorra rock is hiding a well pipe... doubling as an address marker! Get yours at

How to Cast Faux Rocks for Landscaping

If you don’t want to break your back and your bank account placing natural rocks in your landscape, you can cast faux rocks yourself of any shape and size using a recipe for a lightweight ...

Fake Rocks Cover Rocks For Septic Lids, Pond Filters, Back-Flow Pipes, And Well Heads. Simmer Rock Shown In Picture, Canyon Brown, 47"L x 28"W x 13"H, Item # 2100

Fake Rock Well Head Cover Rock , Cap Rock 51"L x 33" W x 30" H 47 lbs. Item# 2155