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In music today it started raining really heavily and every one all at the same time (no kidding) turned their heads towards te window like WOW IT'S RAINING

Makes me feel better that this is not just me. Doesn't stop when you're a teenager either, but it was more vivid back then.

Can anyone else relate: Checking your phone to find out what time it is, but then end up having to check again cause you weren't paying attention the first time.

I do this a lot, but I don't care and do the same thing and then I'm done and I'm like, "That was a good book, I have no clue what it was about and I don't intend on knowing.

When I was 6 a boy asked me to 'marry him' and the engagement ring was a gummy ring. 18 years later, the same boy asked me to marry him & I said YES ❤️✨

from BuzzFeed

Gangnam Spacejam, A Perfect Mashup

Same group me and my bestie lol

Mom: I understand what you are going through, when I was a kid I- Me: I'm sorry but when you were a kid this situation was different, everything is different from when you were a kid. Things change

I need a day in the life video of this