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I love my furry babies!!! #nofilter

When my wife takes off her ring, to shower or do housework, I will take it to her, get down on my knee and re-propose. Yeah, I'm that sappy.

from Crystal Storms

A Prayer for the Wife Who Wants to See the Good

We bring our husbands good by calling out the good. But some days my eyes can't see what's in front of me. This is a prayer for the wife who wants to see the good in her husband, who wants to be a wife who brings her husband good all the days of her life.

My Husband's Wife was a bit far fetched in places. Easy read with enough suspense. 6.5/10

To be honest, if any episode of Doctor Who comes on, I’ll sit and watch it to the end. My wife thinks I’m really sad—I play Doctor Who. But there’s so many episodes I love. Peter interviewed on Space talking about his love of watching Doctor Who

My wife just called me crying After 3 years of trying she's finally pregnant We're going to be parents!

Home life comes before work, church, social events, volunteering, blogging, spending time with friends and even my extended family. Here's why!

Don't worry. I'm still married to my husband and he's still in ministry. But I've quit being the pastor's wife.

How Becoming a Parent Helps You Understand the Unconditional Love of God - Chris Tomlin