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Have you tried using the law of attraction, but gotten nothing more than frustration? Perhaps you've received sporadic results at best, but nothing to really suggest that you can make this a normal part of your life. If this is you, you are likely neglecting the one thing that causes the law of attraction to work. What is it I'm referring to? Simply, the necessity of surrendering to God.

This selfie might just take the cake! I was simply trying to take a picture for my mom (Gigi) of me wearing her earrings. She left them here during her last visit over a month ago and I was supposed to mail them to her but did not (because they were way too gorgeous!). So while I'm trying to take this picture Pen is scrambling around my legs to get the roll of toilet paper because she wants to watch the "princess poopoo" video. Now of course she actually wants nothing to do with using the…

of course, that is because of personality makeup. introverts feel this way, when they embrace their introversion, and give in to their real nature. Yes, it is peaceful in solitude. and if you are an extrovert, or something not on the far end of introversion, then there is peace in having people with you, peace with having people in your space. to the extrovert, solitude can be dangerous. nothing right or wrong. simply different makeups, different needs. but yes, solitude is beautiful to me.

This is me ...But sometimes my thoughts drive me crazy... : Hello there So many people look at me see nothing. They see a normal happy girl. I'm covered in wounds, they simply cannot see them. Some wounds are self inflicted, some were caused by others, and many wounds are invisible to the naked eye. I suffer many different mental disorders. I know I'll never be happy again, not truly. I know I won't win the war, but you better believe I will fight to the death. This is my story.

First Lady sting by Charlie Boy Whatsapp / Call 2349034421467 or 2348063807769 For Lovablevibes Music Promotion Read his piece below... Guys you must have read or heard by now our President's answer when he was asked in the presence of other world leaders in far away Germany which party his wife Aisha belongs to. He gave a classic "Aboki" answer "I don't know what political party she belongs to but all I know is that she belongs to my kitchen my room and other rooms" whaaaat??!! Haba…

I get asked a few of the same Questionsabout being an IT WORKS Distributor So here are a few FAQs about joining my team: 1. You want to know what happens if you don't sell ANYTHING as a distributor? Nothing!! There are NO quotas!! 2. How much money will I LOSE when I start? NONE you get products in your kit to make ALL your money right back!! 3.Do I have to buy inventory? We don't carry INVENTORY! 4.Everyone around me sells it... Because it is EASY! NO RISK NO CONTRACTS and NO…

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Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to be me. #Vocalpoint

INFJ - Rejection. Not about being right but about WHAT is right...... nothing sums up me and my life thus far, better than this pin :/