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This is what happened to me at a church for years & years...NOT FUN & it still hurts...

Nothing hurts more than trying your absolute best & still not being good enough - r.

As an introvert there's nothing wrong with me. I'm simply different. Not less!

the word introvert has negative connotations that need to be destroyed. introverts are simply misunderstood because the majority of the population consists of extroverts


rainbowsky is beautiful. I always did love rainbows. I believe that E Torrey is the author of many books.

https://secret13utterfly.wordpress.com  Hello there So many people look at me see nothing. They see a normal happy girl. I'm covered in wounds, they simply cannot see them. Some wounds are self inflicted, some were caused by others, and many wounds are invisible to the naked eye. I suffer many different mental disorders. I know I'll never be happy again, not truly. I know I won't win the war, but you better believe I will fight to the death. This is my story.

Funny pictures about Mirror Alphabet. Oh, and cool pics about Mirror Alphabet. Also, Mirror Alphabet photos.

 I like the way the light reminds me of late afternoon and having nothing to do but relax.  I sort of remember how that feels... ;)

Beautiful and dramatic entryway. Even with the dark painted ceilings, the home still looks large but cozy. Loving the white trim and dark hardwood floors. The drapery is simple, yet elegant. A dream entryway :)