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Don't forget a little something to go in that new flask you picked up earlier and nothing makes the elderly happier than the ability to drown out a lifetime of worries. Oh and a good cigar goes a long way as well. Got a light? No! Well check out the next product on our list of ghastly gifts for grandpa.

OH!VAL CIGAR ASHTRAY/オーバル 南部鉄器製シガートレイ(葉巻用灰皿・トレー) | Nob designs(ノブ・デザインズ)

Ok, I will admit this... I do miss smoking these Corona JAVA's. I have yet to find any e liquid to match them.

44 Magnum Bullet Cigar Punch Cutter With Key Ring - I smoke cigars once in a while. This is low on the list but its still cool.

Bolivar, one of the most consistent Cubans through the years... and of coarse a beautiful cutter.