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According to the UN, social services and adequate medical care are basic human rights ( Article 25, Universal Declaration of Human Rights). How gutting services like these can be justified as ethical or humane by Republicans is something I'll never understand, nor will I understand how others can accept that explanation, particularly if they consider themselves to be Christians.

Our food production rests ,to a great extent, on the brilliant work of our diminishing bee population - yet we are instrumental in wiping them out! Mankind seems to have a "death wish" - how crazy !

Pretty much. People assume you hate men when you're a feminist, but actually we are the ones that truly respect them enough to expect more out of them.

(Ignore the bottom characters.) The Bible is a book written centuries ago in a time when humans were easily swayed and often misled. The same is true now, but we have at least learned to question authority and to take charge of ourselves more. We're not yet good at it, but we do accept more responsibility than ever. What was common practice back then is not likely to be the rule today. We've become more informed and less intolerant. We've a lot more work to do.