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Hi, my name is Panda and my parents rescued me from a shelter right when I turned two. I am a Boxer / American Bulldog mix and I occupy my day by hunting squirrels, chasing my cat sisters and jumping

This bulldog Reminds me of my possible new addition to the family, Wilson!

A Dog's Life American Bulldogs.this is exactly how our American bulldog lays

Don't make me come up there and kiss you! 'Cause I'll do it! I will!

Bulldog Slide Show Alert! Here are 23 Great Bulldog Meme's To Check Out, You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Run Out And Rescue A Bulldog!

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I need this on a shirt so people will stop asking me if hes just some kind of pit bull on steroids and parents understand that he is a gentle giant and loves kids and will not eat there kids. He is a tame well mannered beauty.

Chicago, IL - Boxer/American Bulldog Mix. Meet Charley, a dog for adoption. http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/12999437-chicago-illinois-boxer-mix

Before you call a Boxer/American Bulldog dog breeder in Chicago, IL. Meet Charley who was adopted in Chicago, IL.