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What makes one ecosystem strong and another weak in the face of change?

Our planet’s diverse, thriving ecosystems may seem like permanent fixtures, but they’re actually vulnerable to collapse. Jungles can become deserts, and reefs can become lifeless rocks.

Loss of Biodiversity Infographic. Breaks my heart that our species can be so selfish.

Loss of biodiversity is a result of multiple environmental issues, such as: habitat destruction, poaching, overfishing, illegal hunting and the busine

I like how simple this infographic is. It shows some alarming statistics but it ends giving as hope that we can change this scenario.

Humans are encroaching on native plants and animal's habitats, thus we are contributing to extinctions. We need to INCREASE biodiversity.

A beautiful tree of life designed by The Open University"We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use i...

Phylogenetic Tree of Life -The OpenLearn site used to offer this phylogenetic chart in the shape of a tree as a free poster, but no more. They do have an online version of this same illustration, expandable and with links and an explanatory guide.

Genetic Resources and Biodiversity for food and agriculture : A treasure for the future.

FAO Infographic-- Biodiversity for food security and nutrition: 30 years of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture


Beautiful Bottle Gardens That Will Make You Beam

Environmental Science: Make a Pop Bottle Ecosystem to show illustrate how the animals, plants, and non-living things in an environment all affect one another. Also includes a lesson on responsibility.

Classroom activity: Biodiversity Bingo

Students go outside to play biodiversity bingo/scavenger hunt to see the different organisms present in their environment.

#DidYouKnow soils host 25% of our planet's #biodiversity? Explore with this infographic from @FAOnews #IYS2015

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