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Is a door that opens your mind, if you find the key to unlocking it , prepare for a magical ride to heaven

Alek Wek / laughing - I think she is so flawless, and the happiness in her soul always seems to come through in her photos.

from cappy writes

I’m Accidentally Delusional

This would be a great lesson for 8th graders who've already done the half drawing and are used to creating zentangles.

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5 shirtless hot guys for your instant motivation

Ian Somerhalder 2

Winter scenic at night with light through trees and mist


Texas in my Soul Shower Curtain

i went to Texas over the summer and loved it there. i used behavioral expression because is was so excited it showed on the outside. i had always wanted to go to texas and i used self congratulation because i was happy that i achieved a goal

Azurite: guides psychic development and intuition while directing the soul towards enlightenment; calms stress and anxiety while encouraging "authentic-self-expression" | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #azurite

"I ask my self why. Why do I need to freeze this moment? Maybe because the movement is so fleeting. By freezing the moment I can appreciate the most amazing part of a dancer’s gracefulness, the gesture of the hand, the foot, the neck, the expression" by Aniruddh Kothari Love photography? 1000′s of epics entries to vote on. Drop by

It's called self-expression || Phil Coulson, Jemma Simmons || Agents of PSYCH || #humor #fanedit #crossover