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Italian operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri (December, 25, 1874-February 7, 1944), known for her great beauty. Born Natalina Cavalieri in Viterbo, Latium, Italy, she lost her parents at the age of fifteen and became a ward of the state, sent to live in a Roman Catholic orphanage. The vivacious young girl was extremely unhappy under the strict raising of the nuns, and at the first opportunity she ran away with a touring theatrical group.

Lina Cavalieri (25 December 1874 – 7 February 1944) was an Italian operatic soprano known for her great beauty. Fornasetti used images of her face in 1000 plates.

ЛИНА КАВАЛЬЕРИ. ФОРНАЗЕТТИ. Пьеро Форназетти (Piero Fornasetti) - итальянский художник, скульптор, гравер, декоратор и дизайнер, один из самых знаменитых дизайнеров-декораторов в мире. Творчество Форназетти в рубрике "Они изменили мир. Культовые имена в дизайне интерьера". Самые знаменитые в мире дизайнеры интерьера и декораторы - история дизайна интерьера, история жизни и творчества великих мастеров дизайна, фотографии знаковых интерьеров, авторские рисунки и чертежи дизайн-проектов…

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Spirit Spotlight: The Passion of Campari

Lina Cavalieri , After conquering the most fashionable centers for music and arts in Naples, Lina Cavalieri, also skilled in graceful dancing, made her way to Paris, achieving remarkable success at the Folies Bergère, ranking with Cécile Sorel and Caroline Otero as one of the queens of the Belle Époque.

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Fornasetti’s Muse

The face of Fornasetti's muse, Lina Cavalieri. He must have done hundreds of versions of this face.

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Lina cavalieri postcard

Lina Cavalieri Famous Italian Opera Star Beautiful Glamour Portrait with Luxurious Jewelry & Tiara by Reutlinger Studio Paris, Original 1900