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Amazon launching physical bookstores in Chicago San Diego Portland report says Image: George Rose/Getty Images By Adario Strange2016-08-27 19:41:09 UTC Amazons quiet march toward direct competition with brick and mortar bookstores will expand with the l

Yangtze River Turns Red In Chongqing (© ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)China's largest and longest river — looks more like a scene from an apocalyptic sci-fi movie than a bustling port. The river reportedly began turning bizarre shades of crimson yesterday near the city of Chongqing, sending residents swarming to its banks in bewilderment. Some people bottled samples of the ruby-colored fluid while fishermen, apparently too reliant on their trade to pause, went about business as usual. Paired…

Drought May Have Led to Decline of Ancient Mayan Empire - Mineral deposits found in a Caribbean underwater cave may hold clues to the mysterious downfall of the ancient Mayan Empire. Belize’s Blue Hole is a massive, almost perfectly circular cave submerged in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Central America. Rock samples taken from the iconic cave and nearby lagoons suggest the region once dominated by the Mayans experienced a century-long drought from about 800 to 900 A.D....

Nevada Ghosts: Rare Photos From an A-Bomb Test: Caption from the May 16, 1955, issue of LIFE. "Burned up except for face, this mannequin ... was 7,000 feet [one and a quarter miles] from blast."

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