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This fall schoolgirl outfit that is just straight-up Cher Horowitz.

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Essential tips for a more organized closet - inspired by everyone's favorite fashionista, Clueless' Cher Horowitz.

How to Organize Your Closet Like Cher Horowitz's in 'Clueless'

The Ultimate Style Essential? The Cher Horowitz Closet (Yes, It’s Now A Real Thing)

Ariana Grande Style ~ love this girly look. Skirt is a bit too short, but I love the cardigan and scalloped collar button down shirt together.

Ariana Grande: Don't Copy My Style!

This combo was usually accompanied by butterfly clips. Naturally.

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See the Hollywood shoe-moments that knocked our socks off:

Alicia Silverstone starred alongside Stacey Dash and the late Brittany Murphy in the 1995 hit rom-com about a group of Valley Girl high schoolers.

Closet dreams become a reality, Free People's Candice Swanepoel video and more. Get your morning news update from around the web here.

Cher's Virtual "Clueless" Closet Becomes a Reality

clueless film fashion - The G. Spring 2014 collection pays tribute to Clueless film fashions that will have you channeling your inner Cher Horowitz. The streetwear r.

Cher Horrowitz aka Alicia Silverstone in Alaia in the famous Clueless scene

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"Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there's no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value." – Cher

Clueless (1995)

"A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy." - Cher Classic quote from an iconic film. Little known fact- Clueless was based on the Jane Austen book "Emma" Early appearance by Paul Rudd as well!

Clueless is 20 this month! And while you're still reeling from that news, kick back and remind yourself of all the times Cher Horowitz's fashion game was better than yours...

It's back to school to time. Whether you love school or loathe it, you can find a great movie about school! Check out our back to school movies playlist for some ideas!