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the one in DC office cant be president as hes born Africa raised in India is head of Al Qaeda and he removed all muslim islamist terrorist cells of the terrorist list therefor he dropped christians/jews/catholics on the terrorist list and congress is silent and doesnt do a dammn thing about it. They could have impeached him long time ago its time the office is cleared. America needs a real president without strings to UN and terrorist cells a GOD fearing man should be in the office!!

The Ambassador asked for help thirteen times.... all you fucking libtard Barry lovers, Hollywood hypocrite phonies who vigorously campaigned and voted for your "Messiah" and put that cowardly treasonous communist shitbag fuck in office back in 2008 must be sooooooo proud......the blood of real American patriots is on your hands as well

Along with sharing merchandise, I've also enjoyed sharing Donald Trump Shirts on my twitter page. I now want to make a page showing off some of my favorites. I've had many people send me pictures

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