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Front Man - The Alex Boyé Story TRAILER. A story of his poverty and homelessness, his conversion to the LDS Church, the power of music in his life, and the path that led him to being one of the most dynamic and influential members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and an award-winning solo recording artist.

from PSFK

Swarovski Crystal Evening Gown Comes Alive With Tiny LED Lights

Ok, we should all be wearing this at #DisneySMMoms , no?! SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL EVENING GOWN. Intense LED dress;

This is what Ben Nichols is to me, he has saved me, picked up the pieces of my broken heart, made me feel like I'm not alone, and was there even in the darkest moments.

from PSFK

Illuminated Bike Wheels Keep Riders Visible

"Revolights consist of 2 thin profile LED rings (white in front, red in back) that mount directly to each wheel rim (just below the brake calipers) using a series of rim specific clips. Power is supplied via a thin wire to the hub where a lightweight and slim, USB rechargable polymer lithium-ion battery is held in a special bracket." via #FormFiftyFive

ISIS Plan Total Take Over Of Europe by 2020 Published on Jan 28, 2016 THIS IS A TIME WHEN GOOD MEN & WOMEN IN POLICE & GOVERNMENT NEED TO ACT & EXPOSE THESE ACTS OF TREASON BY OUR OWNERS - The people there bringing in will declare sharia law - We need to act #WakeUp

Charles Phoenix and the Light-up Jell-O Christmas Tree Oh yeah! I'm setting aside my hatred for using food as a decoration only for this creation. Be sure to use LED lights so they don't heat up the jello.