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An ornate mezzuzah. Commanded by God to be used to identify a Jewish presence in the house, Jewish people today continue to place these pieces at their front door. Inside each and every mezzuzah is a copy of important passages from the Torah, in miniature. Recently a new Jewish neighbor stopped by to meet me - she had walked up and down our street looking for the familiar Mezzuzah!

How to Get Your First Blog Advertiser

Getting your first blog advertiser can seem like a huge hurtle to overcome. But with these tips you'll be landing new clients in no time.

Conjugating Verbs in Spanish.. use a chart at second semester to combine all for incoming students and add irregular verbs covered on back of chart

"i'm a boss, now Wine MY SWAG" One the day the music box broke so until a new one came, later Mike had to use Nortorus B.I.G , T-pain, lil'Wane and the ying yang twins music cds into the music box for 7 months. Mike fell a sleep yesterday with out wineding the box.

Greenlion studio new saw frame rocks it at the jewelers bench! 16g steel with a molded rubber handle is good looking, comfortable an efficient.

Katherine Johnson: A Lifetime of STEM

How to get clients when you are just starting out

Starting a new business is a huge accomplishment. The beginning can also a hard place to be when the clients don’t come as easy as you’d hoped. I remember what it’s like to start at the very beginning, and to be in a cycle of little to no clients. Be encouraged that you can make things happen in your business! Theory is nice, but implementation is even better. I’m sharing 4 very specific tactics I used for how to get clients early on in my business and I hope they help you too. Grab the Make…

Madeleine Vionnet (French, 1876–1975). Evening ensemble, 1935. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Mrs. James Johnson Sweeney, 1968 (2009.300.459a–g) | This evening ensemble displays a wonderful use of tonal colors.

another day at work, doing wheel alignments, Napa brakes, installing new or used tires and of course falling off the balcony. Have we mentioned we speak Russian, Spanish, English and Chinese as well as offer the best prices on tires, new Napa brakes, wheel alignment, more in NYC...and watch out for pot hole city as THEY ARE THERE, rim repair starts at $35