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from Men's Health

The Best Foods for Making Babies

Your food choices can affect both the size of your belt and what goes on below it. Healthy folate and zinc levels may improve semen quality, a study from Iran reveals. The researchers found that infertile men's average intake of folate and zinc was significantly lower than that of fertile men, who on average met the Institute of Medicine's recommendations for each nutrient…

Aquamarine Ice-like aquamarine with beautiful etchings sitting on top of iron stained quartz. Photo: Jeff Scovil Size: 7.3 x 2.2 x 2.1 cm Country: Burma Locality: Sakangyi

hear that?? that's the sound of my heart bursting open because of how amazing they are!

"I'm not saying I'm THE God. I'm saying I'm your God" hahahah I love bailey

This is not a WTF face, it's "why did you replace me when I love you" face

Meet 21 year old Spencer Elden also known as the baby in Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

From “Was It The Impossible Dream” (January 1979. Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica, Issue #277)

“The idea is disarmingly simple. Two bronze sculptures pee into their oddly-shaped enclosure (Update: actually it’s the shape of the Czech Republic). While they are peeing, the two figures move realistically. An electric mechanism driven by a couple of microprocessors swivels the upper part of the body, while the penis goes up and down. The stream of water writes quotes from famous Prague residents. Visitor can interrupt them by sending SMS messages

"Ask them if it would be faster if we cut the baby's face off the penis and stuck it on the bunny. That is a weird sentence.."