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This past year I quit more than I started and discouragement tempted to creep into my heart. But I realized that we have a choice to make when we look at our failures: we can wallow in a puddle of self pity, or we can learn from them, make changes, and glorify God for His #graceupongrace. I am choosing the second option. Wallowing gets us nowhere in life. When we admit where we fall short and come to Him with our brokenness and weaknesses, He supplies us with abundant grace and a fresh…

I don't regret a thing I've done. I don't wish I could change anything. Why? Because I've learned lessons that I never would have learned otherwise, and those lessons are my armor from repeating past mistakes. I'll never be a Queen. I'm a fucking Warrior.

"On Tuesday, January 10, I'll go home to Chicago to say my grateful farewell to you, even if you can't be there in person. I'm just beginning to write my remarks. But I'm thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you've changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here...I hope you'll join me one last time. Because for me, it's always been about you." —President Obama…

50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

The joy of walking into gym class and seeing this laid out on the floor: | 50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

Did you count down from 10 and stay up past midnight last weekend? I did, and yes, I’m consider that an accomplishment. Our fabulous friends Gracie and Andrew threw their second annual New Year’s Eve party—I’m rolling my eyes hard at the fact that I just used annual as a description of a New Year’s Eve party, …

I still don't understand why all these "Patriots" we heard so much from in the past few months aren't demanding that a serious investigation take place about it? Now that apparently, the 4 Americans who were murdered in Benghazi don't seem to matter much to them anymore, you would think that this would be something to take seriously!

my wisdom comes from experience, my passion comes from pain, my confidence hides my insecurities, my weakness makes me stronger, my past does not define me, my strength is an illusion, my calm makes a storm, my innocence is not ignorance #doctorwho