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Birth Certificate Bond Money Pays Debts

Your unknown Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions of USD. Yes that’s right! Worth Billions!!! of USD!!! So why dont you want the money? Because you dont know how TO FILE FOR IT!!! Bonds are collateralized by your birth certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument!!!!

People In This Nation Want To REMOVE GENDER From Birth Certificates - BuzzPo~~~stop the world, I want to get off!!!

David Icke - Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor

birth certificate bank note

Voer voor elke economie student en een ieder die wil weten wat geld is <<<<money as debt (geld als schuld) nl ondertiteld volledige versie - YouTube

How did this Pledge of Allegiance to a flag replace the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in the affections of many Americans? Among the nations in the world, only the USA and the Philippines, imitating the USA, have a pledge to their flag. Who institutionalized the Pledge as the cornerstone of American patriotic programs and indoctrination in the public and parochial schools?

▶ Any BANK Using GOLD Currency will be SHUT DOWN! 5min lecture by most sensical Sheikh, Imran Hosein 2014-11-23 • 2 gov. defied international banking: France's Charles de Gaulle + Indonesia's Ahmad Sukarno (1st pres 1945-67 when freed by Japanese from Dutch colonization) wanting to redeem paper money in gold, taking Indonesia out of UN + IMF! Venezuela's Chavez failed to leave IMF. Hence Zionists ruined all 3 careers!

Future Plate Motions & Pangea Proxima - Scotese Animation - YouTube