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Red fish for Haftsin

"Chelo" or Crispy Persian Rice Recipe | Celebrating Spring with a Typical Nowruz Feast |

Afghan lamb meatballs (korme kofta) | We make korme kofta for Nowruz – New Year – along with many other dishes, including colourful rice, lamb curry and haft mewa (seven fruits). Nowruz, meaning "new day", is the first day of spring (the vernal equinox), but in Afghanistan, the festival can last for two weeks. It’s a time of good luck, fortune and new starts.

UNESCO Adds Five Countries to List of Those Celebrating Nowruz, Bringing Total to 12

Nowruz: Traditions for Persian New Year | The Iran Primer

Nowruz: First day of Spring means New Day in Persian language and marks a traditional holiday festival celebrated in Iran and many other countries as it signifies the start of the new year. This decorative Persian New Year display is called Haft Seen and contains 7 symbolic Ss placed on an artificial tree branch in a beautiful red glass vase. This artwork is a compact small size long lasting Nowruz decor most suitable to display in small living spaces, formal offices and homes of busy…