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Nowatorski program nauczania o chorobach rzadkich na Wydziale Lekarskim UJ CM - Wiadomości - Kardiologia - serwis dla lekarzy - Medycyna Praktyczna

Teachers develop lessons that are more relevant by asking students for critiques and giving them some teaching responsibilities.

FREE Visual Guide to Landforms

Only Passionate Curiosity has a FREE Visual Guide to Landforms to go with her landforms pack. You can get both packs on her site for free. Click here for

How A Happy School Can Help Students Succeed

Research shows that the way a school "feels" can help kids learn. But school climate remains a hard concept to define and measure.

Teaching Geography Through Games

I am excited about March topic for Poppins Book Nook, Where in the World, and I am sharing in this post how I teach geography through games. Disclosure: I am an Amazon associate and this post contains affiliate links. For full disclosure, please click here and thank you for supporting my blog! Clip Art for Poppins Book Nook is by Melon Headz Teaching Geography to Young Children Since both my husband and I are the first generation immigrants into US, it’s extremely important to us to ...

How do schools that focus on character affect students? One researcher took a close look by comparing schools that focus on moral, civic and performance character.

Testing for Joy and Grit? Schools Nationwide Push to Measure Students’ Emotional Skills

In a closely watched experiment, students in California are being tested on their social-emotional skills; the results will be used to rate schools.

It’s the hunger for learning rather than raw intellect that distinguishes Extreme Learners from the gifted. Intensely motivated and harboring a breadth of interests, they also consider ignorance a temporary and reparable condition.