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The Five Greatest Mysteries Of Human History

There are somethings that confuse the world to such an extent that people go mad and crazy behind these mysteries. Find out how these mysteries have managed to dumbfound the world since ages and scare the hell out of those who encounter them.

Safawi Wheel 6 in Jordan is among thousands of mysterious stone structures similar to Peru's Nazca Lines which are being uncovered across the region.

Mystery rock from Earth or alien spaceship? This gigantic boulder with its belly laced like an oversized waffle grill continues to baffle visitors who come to the West Virginia side of Jennings Randolph Lake. There have been numerous theories and speculation as to its origin, ranging from a pictograph made by prehistoric man, an Indian carving, the impression of the skin pattern of a giant lizard, or evidence of a visit to Earth by ancient travelers from outer space. Others, mainly among the…