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East london - World War II -- pacifism isolationism histclo.com743 × 1107Search by image Figure 1.-- Pacifists and anti-war crusaders congratluate themselves on their moral superiority. They exerted considerable influence in Britain and France during the 1920s and the 1930s. The image here shows the result Google Search

Termites in Zimbabwe build gigantic mounds inside of which they farm a fungus that is their primary food source. The fungus must be kept at exactly 87 degrees F, while the temperatures outside range from 35 degrees F at night to 104 degrees F during the day. The termites achieve this remarkable feat by constantly opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents throughout the mound over the course of the day.

R-100 Airship at Mooring Mast. Can you imagine passengers embarking/disembarking at the top of the Empire State Building in standard windy conditions?

York Wall-Mounted Air Conditional YMW2F10ABS-W (R410 Gas) 1.0Hp | Lazada Malaysia

New York residents with medical conditions aggravated by heat will soon be able to apply for a state-funded air conditioner.

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