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Bad Hair Day (Mountain View Version)

Early Mountain Vineyard - Brianna B Adams - Whimsical Floral - The Bridal Theory - 6

from Vogue

The Alt-French Girl Who Actually Likes New York—Yes, It’s a Thing

We can stop obsessing over French girls now. The new wave of alt-Parisian expats is here, and they’re taking just as many style cues from us.

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Informational Text Structures

Teaching With a Mountain View: Informational Text Structures

from Peaceful Dumpling

How to Stay Positive + Benefits of Spreading Positivity

Spending time alone or just being mindful of the current moment will help you become more aware of your thoughts. If your thoughts feel good expand on them. If you realize your current thoughts are no longer working for you or moving you in the direction of what you wish to experience next...pause. Take a slow deep breathe and consciously choose a better/happier/healthier/calmer thought to replace the thoughts that are no longer serving you... NOW you are consciously creating. Use your…