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NASA, CIA, DARPA & USAF 12 Huge UFO To Incite Fake Alien Fear & Alien In...

from Business Insider

15 Astounding Technologies DARPA Is Creating Right Now

Guided bullets, laser weapons, and flying trucks are all on DARPA's radar.

from Slate Magazine

Could the Pentagon’s 1.8 Gigapixel Drone Camera Be Used for Domestic Surveillance?

Argus gigapixel persistant stare camera (small clip from nova video on my drones board).

How neuromorphic ‘brain chips’ will begin the next era in computing 9/29/16 DARPA invention: super small and efficient GPS tracking devices

from Business Insider

DARPA created a helicopter with robotic legs that can land just about anywhere

from Live Science

Images: DARPA Robotics Challenge

THOR, a Tactical Hazardous Operations Robot, being developed by Virginia Tech is expected to be agile and resilient with perception, planning and human interface technology that infers a human operator's intent, according to the DARPA website.

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