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Duke Larisa. ~*~ Tomcats.

"Mrs Moitessier" par Susan Herbert (inspired by Dominique Ingres' portrait of Mrs. Moitessier. This picture reminds me of someone who was just a little over the top.

The sense of Unity in this design comes from the strong shape made up of the 2 cats, and their identical faces, postures, and the uniform style used by the illustrator. The overall effect is of a coherent, unified whole.

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You have wandered into Lutopia, a magical oasis in the desert of redundancy. I find a certain joy in each image I post and i certainly have no limits as to which way my whim pulls me. Peace and Love, Lu

Full Moon Cats , cat in moon, kittens, ocean, fence, from painting by Shelagh Duffett

❤️☀️The fact that we exist, here on earth with our consciousness, is a spiritual experience. There’s good and bad, wisdom and foolishness, heaven and hell, the ability to create and destroy. Everyday is a spiritual experience, you are a creator, and for s

CUTE PUPPIES puppies Chat noir qui lappe du lait, Vers 1920 - Carte postale anglaise "Mish & Co's: The black cat series" yup.. {kitty in an ...

Kat tekening kat kunst Earl 4 X 6 print van de oorspronkelijke tekening - 4 3 koop

Cat drawing Cat Art (print). This is Earl: I can see you from up here. X = print of original drawing **** 4 for 3 SALE! From matouenpeluche at Etsy.


Politics Doesn't Make Strange Bedfellows. . . .Marriage Does!" ~ Groucho Marx~c.c.c. Illustrator: Lisa Marie Robinson~