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The USS Intrepid which is the center of New York City’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum had been around for ages since the World War II when it first came into the limelight. It was dubbed as “Fighting I” in the Pacific in World War II after surviving a number of bomb hits as well as kamikaze. The ship has a number of combat records attached to her name, she sank two Japanese battleships and several other vessels, destroyed over 600 enemy aircraft.

Imperial War Museums (IWM) is a British national museum organisation with branches at five locations in England, three of which are in London. Founded as the Imperial War Museum in 1917, the museum was intended to record the civil and military war effort and sacrifice of Britain and its Empire during the First World War. The museum's remit has since expanded to include all conflicts in which British or Commonwealth forces have been involved since 1914.

Amy Johnson CBE, (1 July 1903 – 5 January 1941) was a pioneering English aviatrix. Flying solo or with her husband, Jim Mollison, Johnson set numerous long-distance records during the 1930s. Johnson flew in the Second World War as a part of the Air Transport Auxiliary where she died during a ferry flight.

Masks like this one were worn by British crews in tanks during the First World War. The leather mask is shaped to fit around the eyes and nose and the chain mail was used to protect against splinters from explosions as the tank came under fire. Life inside these primitive vehicles would have been extremely uncomfortable as well as dangerous. Tanks were introduced in 1916 but were initially slow, difficult to manoeuvre and had little firepower.

Statue of Storm God Basalt statue is about 1.6m in height and dates to about 9th century BCE. It was located at the Kings Gate in Karkamış. The base and statue were smashed by looters during the First World War. The inscription at the bottom part of the statue is a curse against those who does not make offerings to the god. Fragments of heavily damaged top section is currently at the museum depot in Ankara. The head of one of the lions (shown below) is in British Museum. Reign of Katuwas…

Red Cross Uniform: 1914-1918, English, cotton chambray, starched cotton apron, red woolen cross on big, white cotton armband and white cotton cap. "First World War volunteer nurse's uniform. Worn by Kathleen Falls who initially worked as a nurse at Torbay Hospital and subsequently studied for a qualification in pharmacy, receiving her certificate in 1917."

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, ‘La Mitrailleuse’ 1915; Tate Museum

WWI poster art- There is another one I like, it says something to the effect of, 'I bring home sons and daughters... What is YOUR job?!'~ LOVE dogs