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I'm a 21yo female stripper with tattoos Before you judge and call me a whore: Saving up to become a marine biologist, I work at Petsmart during the day, and I'm a virgin.

Awesome Tattoos for Men and Women

Just the mere fact that Donald Trump is even being considered to least this once-great country is a sad indictment of just far we've fallen in terms of education. Since when did ignorance become a virtue?

I’m Not The Most Talented

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Zodiac Cancer Constellation and Traits Art Print by Claudia Schoen

I think this picture describes me pretty spot on.. I'm a hopeless romantic, over protective, quite too caring, genuinely kind, and compassionate. I am so overemotional, I probably cry every other day... and I'd like to think I'm imaginative, and creative.

Done dealing with shitty people and trash. All he ever did was hurt me and yet while I have owned my hurts against him he has never owned how badly he hurt me. I am so stupid to love him and actually care about him still. But I am done.