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WAHHHH...I HAVE IT I HAVE IT...JK...I have, but it's a GOOD thing

you are on the verge of getting OCDD. I am on the verge too, but I have ODGD.

Triggered because this reminds me too much of Newt's death (cue the picture ahjjjjjjhhh)

WAIT NEWT DIES <<< Yes. Shame on you for looking at Maze Runner stuff before finishing the books. That is, of coarse, unless you were looking at one of the other fandoms.


I call it admiring from afar. some people call it stalking. ~ Troye Sivan Pshhh what? Nooo its Admiring From Afar DUH

prva otazka v teste

Funny photo of a Renaissance man making a funny face after reading the first question on a test

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / @Tyler Oakley / SO ME / Super Bowl

Me with sports...