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Muncher Cucumber: 60 days. Very tender, dual-purpose variety makes great pickles and is excellent for fresh eating right out of the garden! Nearly spineless fruits are 6 to 8 inches long, reaching a plump 3 inches wide. Produces abundantly on strong vigorous vines. Non-bitter, burpless variety, can be eaten at any stage of growth. For pickling, harvest the fruits at 4 to 6 inches long. ♥ love !! ♥

Golden Beet (heirloom) ~ My absolute fav! It is such a beauty in my edible garden with it's golden-yellow jewel tone. It's super mild and sweet. The leaves are great in soup! Baker Creek Seed Company

Ground Cherry... FINALLY... I have wanted to grow these FOREVER! Good report on rareseeds that they grow well in Phoenix! Plant as you would tomatoes, slow to germinate!

Strawberry Popcorn The popular, cute, little ears look just like big strawberries, just 2”-3” long. The 4’ plants produce 2-4 ears each; great for fall decorat...

Rubine Brussels Sprouts: 85 days. An heirloom variety not often seen in the garden. Rubine offers up a bountiful harvest of gorgeous 1-1 1/2 inch purple-red sprouts that are full of wonderfully rich old-time flavor. A striking addition to any vegetable patch and a gourmet special for your table. Grows to 24 inches and performs best when planted early.