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Emotional baby breaks the cute-o-meter!

This baby girl's reaction to her mother's song, broke our cute-o-meter! (video) #cute #baby #emotions #daughter #mother

No, you wouldn't. you would still be hurt. Every day you tell me your ok."if the entire world lived backward for a day...." You would start to cry and FINAL Y admit that there's some things wrong. Because as it is my friend (and you know who you are) everyday you paste on a smile and tell me you're ok. But I know how it feels. I've been there even though I deny it. I care, kare I really do. And if I'm wrong at my guess I'm sorry. I'm sorry I needed to get that out

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▶ New Guinea Singing Dog - YouTube - The New Guinea Singing Dog is the rarest dog in the world. How rare? Well, there are only two pictures of the little guy in the wild. James McIntyre, a field zoologist and the director of the Southwest Pacific Research Foundation, calls the NGSD the link between the first dog (the wolf) and today's domestic dogs, and no one really has any idea how many of them are actually left in the wild, which makes us sad.

Opposites cancel opposites, even with emotions. It's also the scientific principle behind Bose noise-canceling headsets.

“For me, it’s based on my personality. I’m a pretty private guy. I like to stay off the radar. I get groceries at night. I try to stay hidden. … Yeah, (I get approached often), but I think that’s a small town thing. I’ve spent time with friends in towns that have a population of about a thousand people. Those get to be too much. Everyone talks to you because there’s nobody else in town. (Twenty-five thousand) is right at the limit. You don’t know every person, but they’re still friendly.”