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回台馬上投入工作,充實的生活態度! Back to Taiwan immediately to work, to enrich the attitude of life ! Have a nice day for Everyone

今天參加台灣資生堂髮藝大賞金獎頒獎,今年入圍作品不論攝影、服裝、彩妝、髮型、色彩都呈現水準之上。 今天不論誰會拿到金獎?希望他/她能替其他入圍與參賽者到日本代表台灣接受這份榮耀! Today join the gold medal awards of SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL 2015 Beauty Innovator Award TAIWAN. This year's finalists works regardless of photography, clothes, makeup, hairstyles and colors are presented above the high level. Today, regardless of who will get the gold medal ? Hope he / she can represent the other finalists and contestants from Taiwan to accept this honor in Japan !

今天滿意的作品! satisfactory photography work today

上海工作結束,準備起程回臺北! The work is finished, ready to go back to Taipei ! Have a nice day for Everyone

今晚和伙伴們開心餐敘,檢討改進工作進度! Happy dinner & review the progress of the work with staffs tonight !

八點下班,今天晚餐選擇多了! 謝謝Raymond 設計美麗的花 Finished work at eight o'clock , and more options for dinner tonight ! Thanksssss Raymond for your beautiful flowers

上海任務完成,先行回臺北,留下三位夥伴繼續打拼,下星期再來,加油! Shanghai mission is complete, now go back to Taipei, leaving three of our team to continue to work here , mission again next week !

今天大夥為了創作忙了一整天,重點是在一起不分彼此,開開心心的腦力激盪,何其珍貴。 放一張跟主題無關但喜歡的作品! My team in order to create a busy hair day, the focus is very intimate together, happily brainstorming, How precious. Place a theme with nothing to do about our works, but I like it ! #hcgroup #hchairculture #hiphairculture #Hair Culture

工作完畢,晚餐吃什麼? Finished work , what should i eat for dinner tonight ?

收工,準備參加好朋友的餐敘。 今天的花佈置得太漂亮了,謝謝 Raymond ! Finished work, ready to join the dinner with good friends . And today the flowers is awesome , thanks Raymond for your creativity !