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Necklace with coconut shell rondellebeads, picture stone beads, tibetan silver spacer beads, Picasso jasper rondelle beads, yakbone beads, green turquoise wood beads, red Coral beads, green glass beads & a tibetan silver capped amber pendant. 35 € (3)

Necklace with white Turquoise beads, brown wood beads, Tibetan silver spacers, orange plastik beads, green glass beads, Picasso Jasper rondelles, brown coconut wood rondelles, Amber beads, a silver capped white rhesin bead & a Ganesha amulet pendant. 40€.

Necklace with white turquoise stone beads, picture stone beads, brown wooden beads, green glass beads, boddhi seeds,malachite stone beads, yak bone beads, tibetan silver spacer beads, tibetan silver capped white resin beads, one amber bead & a metal ganesh amulet pendant. 40 €

Necklace with brown wood beads, Tibetan silver spacers, White Yak bone rondelles, bone beads, Malachite stone beads, red coral beads, Amber beads,& a ganesh amulet. 45 €

Necklace with beige/green Sandalwood beads, brown & khaki wood beads, Bodhi seeds, silver spacer beads, Bamboo tubes & silver Tibetan Guru beads. 30 €

Necklace with White Turquoise beads, Turquoise Mala beads, turquoise & red wood beads, Yak Bone beads & a Tibetan Tooth Amulet.

Necklace with Picture Stone beads, green glass beads, red wooden beads, Turquoise beads & Turquoise Mala beads, Yak Bone beads & a Dorje Cross. 35 €

Necklace with white turquoise , picture stone, green glass and yakbone beads, boddhi seeds, a silver capped amber bead & a dorje pendant. 40 €