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Garnet Edward "Ace" Bailey (1948-2001) Age 53, Died along with amateur scout Mark Bavis When United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City during the September 11 attacks. A Canadian professional ice hockey player and scout who was a member of Stanley Cup and Memorial Cup winning teams. At the time of his death, he was the Kings' director of pro scouting. On October 14, 2012 the Stanley Cup was brought to the Memorial by the Kings, and placed on panels…

WTC-Predictions That Came True - The security director for Morgan Stanley in the WTC predicted airliners crashing into the towers, drew up a detailed plan accordingly, and used it to swiftly evacuate all, but 13 of the 2700 Morgan Stanley employees and hundreds more. He died when the buildings collapsed

Garnet Edward "Ace" Bailey (June 13, 1948 – September 11, 2001) Bailey worked as a scout with the Oilers from 1981 to 1994. He won five Stanley Cup rings with Edmonton as a scout (1984–85–87–88–90). His name was engraved on three of five Stanley Cups won during that period: 1985, 1987 and 1990. He died at age 53 when United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City during the September 11 attacks.

The witness, Miss M. I. Footner of Victoria, was walking her dog, when she saw a bright dot of light just over Little Saanich Mountain. The light grew larger and larger, until suddenly the object was "above me and became stationary." The object was cigar-shaped and about 100 feet in length. Later she learned that a friend who lived nearby, Miss Audrey Winderburn, had seen a craft of similar appearance while outside attending to her horse.

L.A. Kings’ fan Dave Krasne from New York City paid a great tribute to Kings’ scouts Garnet "Ace" Bailey and Mark Lawrence Bavis, who were aboard United Flight 175, which crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001.